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All my course's up to date, and Access to my latest course DRILLERS MAKES KILLERS Never seen or sold before.

  • Build You from the Ground Up, versions 1.0 and 2.0

  • Footwork Drills

  • Defensive Principles 101

  • How to Set Traps and Counter-Punch

  • Angles and How to Create Them!

  • How to Box From the Outside

  • How to Box From the Inside

  • 50 Combinations to the Head

  • Over 50 Head Body / Body Head

  • How to Box the Opposite Stance [Southpaw vs Orthodox]

  • Complete Philly Shell System

  • Heavy Bag Conditioning Drills

  • How to Shadow Box

  • How to Shadow Box

Courses include both Orthodox and Southpaw and come with PDFs and quizzes


When You Buy The Master Boxing Bundle AT 90% Off, Get A Virtual Coaching Call With Coach Anthony If You Qualify

  • Coach Anthony will discuss you goals

  • Coach Anthony will determine if he can further help you with custom coaching

  • Coach Anthony will give you your next steps so you know EXACTLY what to do and which video to watch when

  • BUT...not everyone gets a call, since spots are limited. Calls are NOT for lazy people. You must complete a questionaire and convince Coach Anthony you are serious. He'll decided who gets a call and who doesn't


in Coach Anthony's exclusive Facebook Group ($1,200/year of value)

  • Ask any question, any time. Coach Anthony himself will reply within 48 hours

  • Weekly group video calls. More access to Coach Anthony! Benefit from Coach Anthony's 20+ years of experience with professional world champs and learn from fellow students



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