Learn Boxing Fundamentals From My Exclusive New E-Book

Come Out Swingin'

"Step into the boxing ring with confidence and mastery with 'Come Out Swinging'. This comprehensive eBook breaks down the fundamentals of the sport, ensuring that beginners not only learn the ropes but also adopt a solid foundation from day one. From stance and footwork to basic punches and defense techniques, 'Come Out Swinging' offers a step-by-step guide to the world of boxing. Whether you're training for fitness or aspiring to compete, this ebook will empower you with the knowledge and skills to truly come out swinging. Your journey in the sweet science begins here."

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Come Out Swingin' was written to help boxers who want to improve their boxing skills.

After decades of experience, I am still learning something new every single day and continue to work on my coaching skills. I made this E-book for you because I wanted to touch more lives and help more people across the world become a better boxer and a better version of themselves. With my gym located in the tri-state area, I have helped hundreds of pro athletes, amateurs, young adults, and kids take the first step into learning how to box and defend themselves.

Download this E-Book to learn everything you need to know about the fundamentals of boxing that I teach students every single day. You will learn the following 6 fundamentals:

The 6 Fundamentals You Will Learn

Come Out Swingin' includes comprehensive tips, tricks, and walkthroughs for essential fundamentals in boxing. In the E-Book you will include chapters to walk you through the following fundamentals:

Chapter 01

Stance and Positioning

Chapter 02

The Jab

Chapter 03

The Cross

Chapter 04

The Hook

Chapter 05

The Uppercut

Chapter 06


Pro-Athletes I Have Trained

I have worked with top-ranked boxers as well as the best and well known mixed-martial artists “King Mo” former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion. Coach Anthony has also trained numerous other pro-boxers across the globe. Here is a shortlist of athletes that Anthony has coached and trained:


Tevin Farmers


“King Mo” Muhammed Lawal



Eddie Chambers


"Savage" Ford