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  • Just heard the podcast and digging the informal vibe with solid info. Gonna listen to them all. Keep doing your thing, Coach Anthony. The pearls you drop are priceless and right to the point.

    Al from Miami
  • Hey Coach Anthony. Thanks for all the videos. I’ve always wanted to learn the sport of boxing. I like how you break down the fundamentals.

    Antonio Marotta
  • Great job, good stuff.

    Scott Shortall
  • Whats up coach. I appreciate the work you’re putting in to teach and help someone get better. Please keep doing these podcasts. Just finished episode 1 gonna finish watching them all today to catch up lol. Im already a subscriber to your YT channel which is phenomenal! Again I’m grateful i came across your page and all the content you’re releasing on different platforms. I look forward to working with you soon brother. God bless!


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